Posted by Anna Fomicheva

Dear readers,

In an attempt to broaden and also liven the blog for which I only have limited time at the moment I have decided to implement two significant changes to it:

Firstly, from now on it will not be limited to the discussion of late-period Soviet cinema, but will become a platform to talk about all Russian cinema, including pre-Soviet and post-Soviet times.

And secondly, I am now welcoming contributions from all the scholars of Russian film, as well as anyone with a more casual interest in it, who wishes to say something about its history, offer an analysis of a film/director, or maybe to just recommend (or otherwise) a movie.

If you would like to blog on Kinobuff just send me an email with the text or suggestion you would like to publish to

I look forward to reading them!

In the meantime have a look at the first contribution to the blog by Caroline de Boos with her discussion of The Commissar